Jennifer Osborn

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War has come to Presque Isle in more ways than one.

Henry Parrish has never felt like he belonged, either with the humans or with his own kind, the Shilund.   Fighting his feelings for Vivienne and desperately trying to understand his Shilund side, he embarks on a journey to self-discovery.  He only prays he doesn’t lose Vivienne in the process. 

Jack feels like his life is complete now that Serena is in his arms.  No longer haunted by loss, he feels he can begin to live again.  Not until a tragedy strikes with a vengeance does he begin to feel his world crash around him.

Step back into the world of the Shilund, where the laws are brutal and unforgiving and love is an emotion that is unacceptable.

TORN is the exciting sequel to The Veiled!